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 Bringing Good Food Mood


Dinner size napkins

Generous in size and mood. Maximise your guest experience as well as the hygiene. The high-quality materials give you the possibility to fold the napkins as you like. Only creativity is the limit!

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Lunch size napkins

Create a joyful and vibrant atmosphere with these convenient napkins, perfect for informal settings. Place them as they are, fold them or match them with our placemats and candles. The opportunities are endless!

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Pre-folded napkins

Don't worry about folding ever again! With our pre-folded napkins, you bring perfect folds to the table at every serving. A convenient solution that gives you more time to focus on your guests. Perfect for those managing several servings in a limited time frame.

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Napkin Pockets

Hygiene is more important than ever. Napkin pockets are a fast and easy solution for limiting the handling of both cutlery and napkins. Prepare in advance for quick table setting during peak hours, turn the cutlery upside down for extra protection. An optimal solution for an outdoor dining experience as well, to keep everything in place, even during a windy day.

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Towel napkins

Longing for a homely mood? The Towel napkin has simple designs inspired by the welcoming and caring atmosphere of a traditional meal at home. Create a dining experience that your guests won't forget! The generous size and the flat packaging gives you total folding freedom.

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Cocktail and coffee napkins

These napkins smaller in size are perfect for cocktails, finger food or coffee. Choose between a wide range of colours and designs. Looking for a practical solution? The Dunisoft® Dispenser comes pre-filled with napkins.

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