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 Bringing Good Food Mood



Effortlessly enhance any dining occasion

Highlight the look of your tables while guaranteeing hygiene. Surfaces and cutlery are protected and the table is accentuated with our wide range of table covers. Which one suits you and your business best?

Table covers

Dress the whole table, and achieve a graceful and timeless look. Our round, square or rectangular table covers in textile-like materials, protect and highlight (or hide) any table, without the hassle of real linen. You just need to choose shape, colour or design.

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Set your table in just a matter of seconds with a slipcover. A fresh solution in high-quality material. With a design and colour for every occasion, you can be sure that your guests will be pleasantly impressed.

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The ideal solution when having several servings and limited time. Placemats are cost-effective, hygienic and quick to set. Match them with napkins, plates, candleholders, flowers...you name it! Different colours and designs give you the freedom to create the ultimate goodfoodmood.

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Banquet reels

Longing for a homely mood? The Towel napkin has simple designs inspired by the welcoming and caring atmosphere of a traditional meal at home. Create a dining experience that your guests won't forget! The generous size and the flat packaging gives you total folding freedom.

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Table runners

Looking for an elegant solution, without covering the whole table? Consider a tête-à-tête or a table runner! Pre-prepared solutions with different length, width and materials. Easy to tear thanks to the existent perforations. Match them with a table cover or place them on the table as they are! They come in different colours and designs for every mood.

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Table skirts

Achieve a seamless style in seconds with a table skirt, securely attached thanks to the integrated adhesive. Different colours give you the opportunity to match the interiors and to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion while guaranteeing a spotless and hygienic impression.

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